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Vampire Lovers Kit Pin

Vampire Lovers Kit Pin

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 Vampire hunting kits have been around for multiple centuries, including various tools needed to kill a vampire such as wooden stakes, crucifixes, rosaries, Bibles, and holy water. But what if we wanted to attract vampires instead of killing them? Now you can, with a Vampire Lovers Kit! Featuring some handy items one might find useful to lure the vampire of your dreams like vials of various blood types, a thorned rose, a blood-drawing nail claw, a bloody fang, blood-scented perfume, and a "How To Attract A Vampire" handbook. 🖤❤️🦇🌹🩸 

• 1.75" in width
• Black nickel plated enamel pin with 2 black rubber pin backs
• Comes with card backing


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