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Gay Signs Enamel Double Sided Keychain

Gay Signs Enamel Double Sided Keychain

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Now you have an easy way to answer when someone asks you what your big 3 is. 🫠✨💀

• 2" tall soft enamel gold plated keychain. 4.5" tall with chain & keyring.
• The design is DOUBLE SIDED! Based on a tarot card, the signs are on one side with a skull on the back. 
• Attached to gold swivel clasp key ring. 

Unfortunately we ended up with minor imperfections on most of these, so we're selling them at a discounted price! The imperfections are mostly related to the black enamel filling, which was over-filled in certain spots creating some small black marks on the gold plating. Hopefully we'll be able to get them perfected the next round! 

For now, you can select between B Grade and C Grade options, with B Grade being minor imperfections and C Grade being slightly bigger imperfections. 


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